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Le Mistral -- Marseille in a Day

Le Mistral -- Marseille in a Day

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Vieux Port Rendezvous, Claude McKay’s Panier, Fort St Jean, Mucem, la Canebière, Marseille Crossroads, Noailles, Opera House, Notre-Dame de la Garde, Vanille Noire

"Mistral" is the name of the dominant north wind that originates in the Alps, picking up speed as it funnels through the Rhone Valley.

Le Mistral follows the same course as Le Lancement. Le Mistral includes an escort from Gare Saint Charles, your point of arrival. The tour begins on the grand balcony of the station that looks out over the city from its second highest point. We walk down the monumental staircase built for the colonial expositions of 1906 and 1922. Louis Botinelly’s famous sculptures, Colonies d’Afrique and Colonies d’Asi rest majestically at the bottom of the stairs looking south over Marseille. From this pivotal point of the city we visit Longchamp Palace, meeting la Canebière from the east. In season we dip our toes in the Mediterranean Sea at the end of the afternoon. Guests are escorted back to Gare Saint Charles in ample time to catch your return train.

A full-day tour, Le Mistral is for energetic individual travelers or groups that want to experience as much as they dare in a day. The tour offers an on-the-ground taste of the rhythm of life that is exclusive to Marseille via walking and public transportation, both ground and ferry. Narrated land train transportation to and from Notre-Dame de la Garde is included in your tour cost. Le Mistral may be customised according to specific interests of guests.

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